Desse Pro LED Mask Treatment

Deessee PRO

Déesse Pro LED provides a safe, pain-free way to achieve naturally vibrant and clearer skin.

The device uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) by way of medical-grade, surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’s) to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light, delivered at safe, therapeutic doses.

These responses lead to skin-rejuvenation and the improvement of common problematic skin conditions.

How it works?

Déesse uses visible light as well as invisible light (near infrared) to stimulate the body’s own regenerative metabolism at a cellular level. By stimulating the body’s tissues to convert light energy into cellular energy, Déesse provides energy that cells can use to:

  • Accelerate the production of collagen and elastin
  • Increase cellular permeability, allowing for increased cellular nutrient intake
  • Increase the removal of excess fluid and waste products from the cells
  • Increase the production of macrophage (scavenger) cells for the removal of toxins and scar tissue
  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Increase vascularisation (blood flow) to the surface of the skin

How does the treatment feel?

The procedure is pain-free, non-invasive and is completely safe requiring no downtime. Treatments are typically programmed for 30 minutes but this can be adjusted as required.

What treatment will work for me?

Different lights are used for different conditions or to achieve different outcomes. Yellow is used for toxin elimination, green for pigmentation, red for anti-ageing, pink for healing and blue for soothing. Combining two lights works very well for acne treatments; blue and yellow are suitable for congested acne whilst blue and green work better for inflammatory acne.

What happens during treatment?

A typical mask treatment lasts 60 minutes. This includes your skin being cleansed and also we use CASMARA ALGEA MASK before the LED mask is applied for 30 minutes. During this time you can lie, relaxed on the couch whilst knowing your skin is being improved.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the treatments then call us to make an appointment for a free of charge consultation. Contact details can be found on our “Contact Us” page. 

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