Facial Thread vein removal

✔️Quick, ✔️safe and effective removal of facial thread veins …. 😍😍😍

❗️Before and straight after the treatment❗️

IPL thread vein reduction/removal 👩‍⚕️😷

🔴🔴🔴 A course of intense pulse light treatment on your thread veins can reduce them significantly!

💆‍♀️ TREATMENT: Laser Thread Vein

💉 PURPOSE: Thread Vein Removal


⏰ TIME: 20-30 minutes.

🛏 RECOVERY: Immediate

👩‍💻 FREE Consultation

☎️ TO BOOK: 📞 Please call 07472140499 / 07588020505 or message us for an appointment 📲📱☎️

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